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Shipping customers’ general terms & conditions

The main general terms & conditions have several appendices, which are incorporated by reference. They are found below.

For product-specific service levels and support scope, please refers to the relevant product in the scope of support.

The data protection agreement has several appendices, including the supplier list and also the list of technical and organizational security measures (in Schedule 3). For further information on information security, see below.
We are committed to following and implementing all the guidelines and recommendations from GDPR with regard to all the data and information we handle, process, and store at vchain.

You can find the relevant privacy policies below.

Cookies policy

You can read our cookies policy on which cookies we use here.

If you have any inquiries, want to exercise your data protection rights, or otherwise, please contact nShift’s DPO at dpo@vchain.se
As a customer of vchain, you are bound by our general terms & conditions, published on these pages. You might have different relationships with vchain; you might be supplier or a customer to any of our customers, you might be using our solutions to manage both inbound and outbound shipments, you might be a carrier or a transport management system having an integration with us, or you might be a receiver of a shipment tracking your shipment via us.

Data security

vchain works with customers all over the world. Our customers put a high trust in our business-critical services and they have high expectations and demands. Cyber security and protection of customer data have never been more important and are of utmost importance to vchain.

vchain works together with leading brands and partners to continuously assess and eliminate risk in our business processes, software development, and technical operations. We conduct external penetrations tests on our cloud-based systems.

We are committed to maintain the highest information security standards.
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