We cater to diverse needs across the globe with a broad customer base
Industrial Network Solutions
We cater to diverse needs across the globe with a broad customer base
Supply Chain Orchestration
Supplier Relationship Management
Trade Management
Freight audit and claims management

Digital Freight Market

Connecting Cargo to Carriers, Seamlessly
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vchain's Digital Freight Marketplace makes it easier for you to find carriers, negotiate rates, and track shipments.

With instant access to 1000's of carriers and rates you benefit from
cost savings
improved visibility in the freight transportation process.

Matching Services

Match available cargo shipments with appropriate carriers based on factors like origin, destination, cargo type, and equipment availability.

Pricing Transparency

We provide transparent pricing and instant quotes, allowing shippers to compare rates and carriers to offer competitive pricing.

Feedback and Ratings

Users can leave reviews and ratings for carriers and shippers, enhancing trust and accountability in the marketplace.

Carrier Verification

We vet and verify carriers, ensuring they meet safety and compliance standards.

Payment Solutions

We offer integrated payment solutions, simplifying the invoicing and payment process.
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