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ONEview Platform

A seamless and connected approach to logistics management
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ONEview is the connective supply chain software platform that delivers vchain's seamless approach to logistics management

With a comprehensive set of features, OneView empowers your business with enhanced efficiency and precision.

Experience the power of instant transport quotes, allowing informed choices for your clients or yourself.

The Purchase Tool streamlines negotiations and order monitoring, saving valuable time through automation.

Simplify transport booking

by managing all logistics service providers in one central platform or opt for ad-hoc support to book manually.

Monitor all shipments in real-time, down to SKU

or consignment level, enriched with real-time geo data, and anticipate potential exceptions with our predictive exception management, ensuring proactive risk management.

Stay environmentally responsible

we offer integrated payment solutions, simplifying the invoicing and payment process.

Unlock the full potential of your logistics data and improve decision-making with daily analytics, making ONEview the ultimate solution for optimizing your supply chain operations.

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