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Secure Your Shipments with vchain: Tailored Cargo Insurance Solutions.
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Cargo insurance is essential to safeguard your shipments in transit

Offering financial protection in the event of unforeseen incidents like accidents, theft, or damage to your goods. vchain brokers versatile cargo insurance solutions tailored to your needs:

All Risks Coverage

Comprehensive protection against all risks of loss or damage to cargo, excluding specific policy exclusions. This is the most extensive form of cargo insurance, ensuring robust coverage

Named Perils Coverage

Targeted protection covering specific risks identified in the policy that may lead to loss or damage. Examples include fire, theft, collision, or natural disasters. While more cost-effective, it offers specific protection compared to all risks coverage.

Open Cover

Continuous coverage over a specified period, designed for businesses with regular shipments. Ideal for ongoing protection, an open cover ensures cargo is consistently safeguarded rather than just for individual shipments. To learn more about the insurance options provided by vchain's solutions, contact our team of experts today.
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