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At vchain, we'll assess your current supply chain and compliance operations and compare them to industry best practices

Our focus on international trade involves enhancing performance, refining data management, minimizing risks, and standardizing processes.

Network Design

vchain specializes in optimizing your entire supply chain, including its network design, to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness. By harnessing our expertise and technology, we help you build and manage supply chain networks that are agile, cost-effective, and aligned with strategic objectives. This, in turn, enables you to focus on your core competencies while leveraging the benefits of a well-orchestrated supply chain.

Duty Drawback

Our duty drawback service teams are experts at getting you the most money back. We find all the opportunities to recover funds, create a smart plan to get them, and give you a clear picture of what you can get now and in the future. 

Our team, including Customs Brokers and Duty Drawback Specialists, is here to make sure you get the maximum amount back. We also provide easy-to-understand training, both online and in-person, so you know everything about your duty drawback program.

VAT Reporting

Ensuring compliance with VAT is vital for companies in international trade. Different VAT rules, changing reporting trends, and possible shifts in invoicing requirements require ongoing attention. Neglecting VAT compliance can disrupt operations and impact your finances. vchain's VAT reporting meets the varied requirements of tax authorities in both EU and non-EU regions.

We cover VAT returns, EC Sales and Purchase Lists, Intrastat Declarations, complex reports, and other country-specific declarations. Ensuring VAT compliance can be complex, but with vchain managing your reporting needs, you can concentrate on your core strengths.

All Risks Coverage

Comprehensive protection against all risks of loss or damage to cargo, excluding specific policy exclusions. This is the most extensive form of cargo insurance, ensuring robust coverage.

Named Perils Coverage

Targeted protection covering specific risks identified in the policy that may lead to loss or damage. Examples include fire, theft, collision, or natural disasters. While more cost-effective, it offers specific protection compared to all risks coverage.

Open Cover

Continuous coverage over a specified period, designed for businesses with regular shipments. Ideal for ongoing protection, an open cover ensures cargo is consistently safeguarded rather than just for individual shipments.

To learn more about the insurance options provided by vchain's solutions, contact our team of experts today.


Cargo insurance is essential to safeguard your shipments in transit, offering financial protection in the event of unforeseen incidents like accidents, theft, or damage to your goods. vchain brokers versatile cargo insurance solutions tailored to your needs:

Product Classification

Customs tariff code classification, or Harmonized System (HS) classification, is a structured approach to categorizing goods for global trade. For companies involved in international commerce, precise classification using the right HS codes is essential for seamless customs clearance, preventing penalties or delays. However, this task can be overwhelming.

At vchain, our adept customs brokers, well-versed in HS classification intricacies, can evaluate and suggest optimal codes that are both compliant and efficient, saving you valuable time and ensuring compliance.

Trade Advisory

At vchain, our Trade Advisory service is your compass in the intricate world of international trade. We leverage your data, structuring information from key documents, enabling our trade advisors to retrieve valuable insights. This empowers us to guide your business in complying with global trade regulations, optimizing operations for maximum efficiency, and seizing opportunities. 

Our experienced team, well-versed in trade intricacies, provides strategic insights to navigate complexities, manage risks, and enhance overall compliance. From understanding customs regulations to optimizing your supply chain, vchain's Trade Advisory ensures your success in international trade by making data work for you.
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