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Suzuki Garphyttan Group's Supply Chain Optimization Journey with vchain

Case Study
Suzuki Garphyttan
Suzuki Garphy...

Suzuki Garphyttan Group

a prestigious provider of advanced spring wire products under the Nippon Steel Corporation, enjoys global recognition for their exceptional offerings. Their products are synonymous with quality and precision.
Global Reach
Operating across 8 EU markets, they required a comprehensive solution to manage inbound and outbound flows seamlessly.
Supply Chain Efficiency
Ensuring an efficient and smooth supply chain journey from raw material procurement to product delivery was paramount.
The Challenge
As a leading player in their industry, Suzuki Garphyttan Group faced the challenge of managing a complex and expansive supply chain efficiently. Key challenges included:
Exception Management
We provide exceptional support in identifying and addressing supply chain exceptions swiftly and effectively.
Our platform streamlines the booking process, reducing administrative complexities and enhancing overall efficiency.
Our Solution
Transport Management & Orchestration
We expertly manage their inbound and outbound flows, ensuring timely deliveries and optimized transportation routes.
Global Optimization
Operating across 8 EU markets is now a streamlined process, thanks to our optimized inbound and outbound flow management.
Efficiency Gains
The partnership with vchain has led to significant efficiency gains, with transportation routes optimized and administrative burdens reduced.
Streamlined Supply Chain
Our expert team orchestrates their entire supply chain, from raw material sourcing to product delivery, ensuring a seamless and efficient journey.
The Results
By leveraging vchain's comprehensive solutions, Suzuki Garphyttan Group has achieved remarkable results:
Enhanced Quality
With a smoother supply chain, Suzuki Garphyttan Group can maintain their unwavering commitment to quality and precision.
With our comprehensive transport management solutions, they've successfully navigated the complexities of global operations, from sourcing raw materials to delivering finished products. The result is a supply chain journey that is not just efficient but also synonymous with quality and precision—attributes that define Suzuki Garphyttan Group's products. Ready to optimize your supply chain journey? Contact vchain today, and let's embark on a journey towards supply chain excellence together.
Suzuki Garphyttan Group's collaboration with vchain has transformed their supply chain into a model of efficiency and excellence.
However, since implementing the integrated transport orchestration, bookings, and Exception Management, our operations have transformed. Now, we seamlessly handle inbound and outbound flows, ensuring an efficient logistics process from raw materials to product deliveries across multiple markets."
“Before leveraging vchain's comprehensive transportation management solutions, managing our supply chain at Suzuki Garphyttan Group was a complex task.
Thomas Wrenninge
Global Sourcing Manager
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