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Freight Audit and Claims Management

Turn those 'uh-oh' moments into recovered value
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When it comes to shipping, stuff happens

from loss and damage to service hiccups and unexplainable charges. Smart business leaders know the trick is teaming up with an experienced freight claims partner to guide you through it all. 

vchain is your go-to for freight claims services. Pick us, and we'll make sure your claims are filed right on time. We've got your back, turning those 'uh-oh' moments into recovered value.

Invoice Control

Freight invoices can be a headache, especially for audit teams without deep logistics know-how. Lots of companies just do spot checks, but that means missing out on potential savings. With vchain's freight auditing and invoice verification, we make it all easier. It's like having a control center that not only keeps things in check but also helps cut costs pronto.

Claims Management

1. Loss & Damage Claims:

Visible Damage: Immediate, noticeable harm to the shipment.

Shortage: Incomplete receipt of the shipment.

Concealed Damage: Uncovered harm post-shipment opening.

Loss: Non-delivery of the shipment.

2. Service Failure Claims:

Late Deliveries: Even with Next Day Air payment.

Reclaim costs for services not provided

3. Overcharge Claims:
Safeguard your finances with vchain.

Prevent invoice overpayment and let our experts retrieve what belongs to you.

Invoice Consolidation & Cost Allocation

We simplifly your billing process. Instead of juggling multiple invoices from different carriers, we consolidate them into one tidy monthly invoice. It's not just about accuracy; it's pre-accounted, personalized with specific articles, and lets you track shipments to projects or cost centers. Moreover, our service extends beyond consolidation; it involves precise cost allocation. 

Whether connecting costs to specific projects, cost centers, or distributing costs among multiple legal entities across different geographies, we ensure clarity and accuracy. We even handle diverse currencies, making it a streamlined, hassle-free way to handle your billing while offering clear visibility into your expenses.
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