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Through vchain's Purchase Order process flow, you maintain constant control over shipments,

resulting in reduced costs and safeguarded revenue streams.

Learning and using vchain's Purchase Order Management is straightforward.

The system not only simplifies learning and usage but also introduces automation to purchase and ordering procedures, allowing you to utilize time more effectively. By maximizing the number of flawless orders in the purchase order log, the process ensures adept handling of critical exceptions such as early or late deliveries. This proactive approach curtails the risk of escalated expenses and missed revenue opportunities while optimizing the allocation of your valuable time.

Purchase order management

vchain provides the system to automate data exchange (PO) between our client and their suppliers without operational involvement. When PO exceptions occur, we can also track down inbound PO level shipments for our clients -acting as your outsourced purchase dept.

Order visibility

you can share the outbound order status with your customers, enhancing the customer experience, reducing operational costs, and ultimately contributing to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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