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Industrial Network Solutions

Modernizing Westermo's Supply Chain: A vchain Success Story in Industrial Networking Solutions

Case Study


Westermo provides robust and secure networking solutions for industrial data communications.
Customer Satisfaction
Meeting customer expectations more efficiently while maintaining high-quality standards.
Profit Margins
The quest to improve profit margins by optimizing supply chain processes.
Scalability and Modernization
The need to modernize their supply chain operations to meet growing demands and remain competitive.
The Challenge
Westermo, a leading provider of robust and secure networking solutions for industrial data communications, faced operational challenges in their supply chain due to outdated manual processes.
Streamlined Logistics Operations
vchain introduced a seamless logistics platform, eliminating inefficiencies associated with manual processes.
Transparent Shipment Management
The vchain solution provided Westermo with end-to-end visibility across all shipments, irrespective of the mode or carrier, fostering transparency and accountability.
Our Solution
Emission Oversight and Optimization
vchain empowered Westermo with comprehensive oversight of logistics-related emissions. This data-driven approach allowed Westermo to optimize routing strategies, minimizing environmental impact.
Enhanced Efficiency
The automation of logistics processes resulted in a significant enhancement of overall supply chain efficiency.
Environmental Optimization
Transparency Across Shipments
Westermo gained a comprehensive view of shipments, promoting better decision-making and customer service.
By leveraging vchain's emissions oversight, Westermo achieved a more sustainable supply chain, aligning with environmental goals.
The Results
By partnering with vchain and embracing our integrated solutions, Westermo achieved remarkable results:
“vchain has given us full control over our logistics related emissions and the possibility to optimize our routes. I’m very happy with the vchain solution and service!"
Mikael Steiner

Director Group Procurement
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