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Experience our Supplier Collaboration Solution,

which takes a strategic approach to supplier management, fostering alignment between suppliers and partners with your business strategy. Collaborate effectively to achieve key goals and drive mutual value in your endeavors.

Leverage our rich and secure collaboration workflows, connecting OEMs, Contract Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Logistic Service Providers seamlessly for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Enjoy the benefits of

Our focus on strategic alignment, cross-functional engagement, organizational governance, communication, trust, and value creation ensures a positive and fruitful supplier relationship.
improved communication
effective supply chain risk management
enhanced stability
favorable deals

Supplier Selection

Identifying and choosing suppliers based on criteria such as price competitiveness, quality standards, reliability, location, and capacity to meet demand.

Integration with Your ERP to Create Purchase Orders

vchain's system seamlessly integrates with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, creating a unified and efficient workflow for purchase order management.

This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry and minimizes the risk of errors that can occur during manual processes. It ensures that purchase orders are generated accurately and quickly.

With an ERP integration, you can automatically generate purchase orders based on demand forecasts, inventory levels, or other triggers defined in your ERP system. This streamlines the procurement process, reduces lead times, and ensures timely order creation.

Manage Exceptions on Purchase Order SKU and Article Level


Coordinate Terms and Costs with Your Supplier from a Single Source of Truth

Our platform serves as a central repository for all purchase order-related information, acting as a single source of truth for your procurement operations.

This centralization allows for effective communication and collaboration with your suppliers. You can coordinate and negotiate terms, pricing, and other contractual details with your suppliers directly within the system.

By maintaining a single source of truth, both you and your suppliers have real-time access to up-to-date purchase order information. This transparency enhances trust and simplifies the process of managing order-related discussions and agreements.
Our system offers exceptional granularity in managing purchase order exceptions. You can track and address exceptions not only at the purchase order level but also at the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and article level.

This level of detail is invaluable for supply chain management because it allows you to pinpoint and resolve exceptions with precision. For example, if there's an issue with a specific product variant or article within a larger purchase order, you can isolate and address that issue without affecting the entire order.

Managing exceptions at the SKU and article level enhances your ability to maintain high service levels and customer satisfaction. It also streamlines the resolution process, as you can focus your efforts where they are needed most, reducing operational disruptions.
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