We cater to diverse needs across the globe with a broad customer base
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We help you harness the synergy of supply chain technology and human expertise,

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Enable data-driven

Exception Management is crucial for addressing unforeseen disruptions, originating from natural disasters, political instability, supplier problems, transportation delays, or demand shifts.
By streamlining processes, organizations can enhance supply chain efficiency, cut costs, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.
Dependable data and analytics offer valuable insights into performance metrics and trends, empowering informed decision-making and strategic planning.
We aid organizations in effectively managing disruptions with improved visibility, swift decision-making, contingency planning, and enhanced collaboration with suppliers and stakeholders.
We facilitate better collaboration and help build a resilient supply chain, providing a winning edge in the competitive landscape.
We provide supply chain managers with the tools they need to collaborate and make informed decisions, enabling them to continuously optimize operations.


Orchestrating Success Across Every Process
Unifying Your Supplier and Customer Ecosystems: One Integration, Infinite Connections
Streamlined, Automated, and Exception-Ready
Provide dependable commitments to your valued customers.
Improve your supply chain with data-backed decisions.
Your tool for assessing emissions from worldwide freight transportation.
Plant the Seed of Transformation, Harvest the Profits of Supply Chain Excellence with vchain
A seamless and connected approach to logistics management.
As you tap into an ever-expanding pool of data, the vchain's Supply Chain Orchestration solution adeptly processes and presents real-time supply chain information, encompassing suppliers' order status, transportation updates, IoT sensor inputs, weather conditions, POS sales data, inventory levels, and more.
While technology is at the core of our solution, human expertise remains irreplaceable. Our team of logistics professionals brings years of industry knowledge and experience to the table.
Through vchain's Purchase Order process flow, you maintain constant control over shipments, resulting in reduced costs and safeguarded revenue streams.
Experience our Supplier Collaboration Solution, which takes a strategic approach to supplier management, fostering alignment between suppliers and partners with your business strategy.
Unlock the full potential of your logistics data and drive remarkable efficiency gains. Informed decisions become second nature as you navigate your logistics landscape with confidence, ensuring every aspect runs optimally.
We assist you in evaluating your logistics' environmental impact by providing essential data to launch effective sustainability initiatives and reduce your overall environmental footprint.
vchain's supply chain transformation services enable organizations to adapt to changing circumstances, meet customer demands, and drive sustainable growth.
OneView is the connective supply chain software platform that delivers vchain's seamless approach to logistics management. With a comprehensive set of features, OneView empowers your business with enhanced efficiency and precision.


We cater to diverse needs across the globe with a broad customer base. Below are some of the industries where we consistently serve.
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We have a proven track record
of successfully assisting numerous clients in optimizing their logistics operations, reducing costs, and ensuring smooth and efficient transportation of their goods.”
Carl-Henrik Lundh

CEO vchain

Trusted by leading companies

"vchain has been our game-changer supplier collaboration platform for nearly 5 years. Before using it, our supplier management suffered from inefficiencies, but now we have a streamlined B2B purchase order flow with our biggest suppliers. Communication has vastly improved with built-in messaging, reducing errors and strengthening supplier relationships. This software facilitates our supplier management, enhancing supply chain efficiency and fostering stronger partnerships. It's a strategic investment we highly recommend for optimizing supplier relationships and supply chain management."
Cecilia Örn-Lindberg
Chief Procurement Officer
"Using vchain's control tower, we have transitioned Munters from a passive, reactive supply chain approach to a proactive, strategic one. The control tower processes and presents our real-time supply chain data, including booking, suppliers' order status, transportation exceptions, emissions data, and more. The Control Tower enables us to monitor crucial operational KPIs and offers tactical execution recommendations for short-term improvements, leading to enhanced customer on-time-in-full (OTIF) performance."
Per Horneij
VP Strategic sourcing
"Before leveraging vchain's transport management comprehensive solutions, managing our supply chain at Suzuki Garphyttan Group was a complex task. However, since implementing the integrated transport orchestration, bookings, and Exception Management, our operations have transformed. Now, we seamlessly handle inbound and outbound flows, ensuring an efficient logistics process from raw materials to product deliveries across multiple markets." - Thomas Wrenninge, Global Sourcing Manager
Thomas Wrenninge
Global Sourcing Manager

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