Empowering your supplybility*

Supplybility - Your ability to supply goods within your supply chain.

Independent of service provider, the direction of the goods and the goods itself, supplybility is about ensuring your outmost ability to supply your production, your customers or other important stakeholders in time, in full and at the right place.

Supplybility in practice

Sourcing & implementation

Our sourcing and implementation function gives you the ability to make sure you are always up to date with your supply chain and transport related activities. We consider your global supplier and customer base, terms for trading and volumes, related costs, risks and several other factors to determine your current Supplybility™ status.

This exercise will provide you with a rare insight into your current as well as historical performance and will give you a solid base for decision whether to stay where you are or improve your overall setup by letting us develop more efficient design and working methodology.

When you’ve decided to go ahead we take the full responsibility of implementing the new optimized solution on a global basis, serving internal as well as external stakeholders throughout the entire implementation process.

Transport analysis Procurement Negotiation Agreement database Agreement administration Supply Chain Design Shipping rules Supplybility™ scorecard / health check
Customer survey / analysis Project Management Training System setup SOP setup & shipping rules System integration

Supplybility™ portal

When moving goods from one point to another collaboration between several stakeholders is a critical factor to success. By partnering with vChain we integrate and automate this process where our Supplybility™ portal act as your one and only source for information.

In the Supplybility™ portal you plan, execute and track your global shipments 24/7, independent of which parties are involved, enabling true visibility within your supply chain and secure your “(a)bility to supply”.

Outbound shipments Inbound shipments Cross / drop shipments Project shipments (larger pieces, fair shipments) Return portal Purchase order integration Supplier integration Load planning
Online track & trace Push notifications ERP Integration
General notifications (e-mail / SMS) Customer branded notifications Marketing integration

Deviation Handling

Our deviation handling solution is based on information we get from several stakeholders in the Supplybility™ portal. Every day, we proactively monitor all shipments and follow up on those deviating from the planned route. If a deviation occurs that we cannot clear and a delay is caused, we contact you with the information. We can also send several types of automated notifications and take care of all ”WISMO” (Where Is My Order) calls, independent of carrier, so that you can focus on your core business. And finally, if something goes missing or is damaged during the transport, we take care of that process for you as well.

In our extended solution we can also proactively monitor global incidents such as earthquakes, floodings, strikes etc. and identify if any of your ongoing shipments might be affected.

Deviation monitoring Corrective actions Branded communication to your end customers Global incident monitoring Babycaring
General deviation notifications Branded deviation notifications
Claims handling administration

Trade compliance

In a complex, global and everchanging world, customs and regulatory compliance is important when expanding your market from local to global.

Through the collaboration in the Supplybility™ portal we bridge information gaps, review necessary documentation, make customs declarations, facilitate the entire administration related to this and ensure compliance across multiple requirements and markets.

Import declarations Export declarations ZKH Document consolidation Document archiving
VAT reporting VAT refunding AEO, CTPAT certification Customs applications Special requirements (ex. DCMA) Market survey

Reporting & Optimization

The demand for information has increased substantially in the unpredictable and rapidly changing environment we are acting within. In order to achieve business success and minimize risks, it has become essential for companies to react and make well informed decisions in a faster pace than ever.

By using vChain and digitalizing your supply chain we gather all collaboration in one single platform which enables us to provide you with the entire picture of all your global involvements. And if you are aware and have the information, you can act correctly and keep your competitive advantage.

Scheduled reports Online dashboard Market price monitoring Emissions report Carrier performance report Real-time visualization Frequency analysis Location analysis Consolidation analysis Packaging analysis HS code analysis Transport agreement analysis Supply chain due diligence
Continuous improvement proposal Consolidation practices Customized surveys Carrier audits Setup and implementation of delivery policy Setup and implementation of return policy
Global incident monitoring Supply chain finance analysis "Situation Room”

Supply chain finance

The very core in our supply chain finance offering is the invoice control function where we offer an efficient way to control all transport related costs. We capture your invoices whatever format, paper, PDF, EDIFACT and gather them in our Invoice Management Tool.

We identify discrepancies and take responsibility of the entire process from identifying discrepancies to filing a complaint and handling the refund process.

After this our solution for cost distribution come into play where we consolidate and pre-account all transport related costs and distribute this throughout your organization based upon your requirements. We eliminate all manual invoice control and allocation processes and by doing this we increase visibility and ability to manage expenses by region, location, cost center etc. on a detailed level.

Settlement process Three-dimensional invoice control Invoice claims handling
Consolidated invoice Customized invoice template Pre-accounted invoice Global cost distribution Invoicing in local currencies Extended credit days

Supplybility converter

We convert your supplybility into money. See what supplybility will generate for you.

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Knowledge and expertise

You gain our knowledge and can use it when needed.

Control & visibility

Control all your shipments world wide.

Less administration

One invoice, one point of contact, one platform. Simple.

Lower cost

Better prices on transports, customs handling and consultancy.

Customer satisfaction

Through proactive monitoring of shipments and fast answers.


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