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We cater to diverse needs across the globe with a broad customer base
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Your tool for assessing emissions from worldwide freight transportation.
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We assist you in evaluating your logistics' environmental impact

by providing essential data to launch effective sustainability initiatives and reduce your overall environmental footprint

The practice of monotoring carbon footprints empowers business to assess the ecological consequences of their logistical procedures.

Studies indicate that supply chains can account for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions up to four times greater than those stemming from a company's direct activities, with transportation ranking as the second largest global contributor to such emissions.
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Granular Emissions Tracking

vchain's Emissions Monitoring tool provides users with a granular view of their carbon emissions across their supply chain.

This means users can track emissions at a detailed level, including emissions associated with specific carriers, trade lanes, and modes of transportation.

Carrier-Specific Emissions

Users can assess the environmental impact of different carriers they work with. This feature allows them to identify which carriers are more eco-friendly and which may have a higher carbon footprint. Armed with this information, organizations can make conscious decisions to choose carriers that align with their sustainability goals.

Trade Lane Analysis

vchain's tool also enables users to evaluate emissions based on trade lanes. Trade lanes represent specific routes or regions where goods are transported. By measuring emissions on different trade lanes, users can identify which routes have a higher environmental impact and explore opportunities to optimize these routes for reduced emissions.

Normalized Emissions

The tool goes beyond raw emissions data by calculating Normalized Emissions of CO2 per ton kilometer. Normalization accounts for the distance traveled and the weight of the cargo. This metric provides a standardized way to assess emissions efficiency, allowing organizations to compare emissions across different shipments and modes objectively.

Sustainability Planning

Armed with this comprehensive emissions data, organizations can develop sustainability strategies and set reduction targets. They can prioritize initiatives that lead to more eco-friendly supply chain operations, reducing their overall carbon footprint and contributing to environmental stewardship.

Mode-Specific Assessment

Different modes of transportation, such as air, sea, or land, have varying environmental implications. vchain's tool allows users to measure emissions associated with each mode. This helps organizations understand the carbon footprint of their transportation choices and consider more sustainable alternatives when feasible.
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