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Experience truly extraordinary customer service

All due respect to automation and digitalisation … but there is still nothing that beats seriously skilled people. That’s why over and above the technological solution, we also put a whole team at your disposal. We provide assistance with Control Tower functions, such as monitoring to make sure that everything is flowing as it should – and immediate notification if it isn’t. We can also answer all kinds of questions and provide helpful hints and advice. Your working day, 24/7/365, will thus be distinguished by assured service and optimised solutions.

Director Sales & Marketing

Carl-henrik Lundh

Supply Chain Coordinator

Carolina Hvala

Supply Chain Coordinator

Oleksandr Kotliarov

IT Manager

Christer Bauer

Supply Chain Coordinator

Elin Bajlum

Supply Chain Coordinator

Eyhenia Myronenko

Customer Success Manager

Joakim Waldén

Virtual Customs Clerk (export)


Supply Chain Coordinator

Joel Frid

Implementation Manager

Johanna Markerius

Virtual Shipping Assistant


Supply Chain Coordinator

Olha Pidopryhora

Virtual Customs Clerk (import)


Sales Manager

Klas Sjöberg

Supply Chain Coordinator

Max Rogersson

Virtual Purchasing Assistant


Supply Chain Coordinator

Anastasiya Shapar

Technical Director

Nils Törnström

Supply Chain Coordinator

Ragnar Hedtjärn Ullenius

Operations Controller

Simon Kerrén

Virtual inbound Coordinator


Operations Manager

Suzanne Blixt Österlin

Supply Chain Coordinator

Kostiantyn Dosuzhyi

Supply Chain Coordinator

Natalia Holdovaniuk


Jerry Lindholm

Supply Chain Coordinator

Oleksandr Nydvyha

Financial Assistant

Felix Schill

Supply Chain Coordinator

Roman Marchenko

Supply Chain Coordinator

Jonas Holmberg

Site Manager

Tetiana Dosuzha

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Secure a strong advantage

Hi! I’m Vladimir, your virtual customs clerk. I’m here to help you prepare export declaration with automated accuracy. I keep a tight grip on every link in the chain, all data and classifications, HS codes and customs tariffs – everything you need to make sure you apply the right customs and duties. With my constantly updated knowledge about laws, free trade agreements and prevailing regulations, I can guarantee that the right information will land in the right place. I make sure that the following are done correctly:
  • Checking each and every piece of information in your export declaration
  • Feasibility analysis of every value in all declarations
  • Returns in the event of non-conformance or if a new opportunity arises through a free trade agreement
  • Submission to the Customs Authorities – followed by a green light for you.
  • Follow-up on the basis of KPIs and improvement suggestions.

Need help along the way?

Hello, my name is Vincent and I’m your virtual shipping assistant. I keep an eye on your deliveries to customers. First of all, you can be sure that if there’s a risk of anything going wrong I’ll spot it immediately. Second, you can rely on me monitoring all ongoing deliveries and keeping everyone involved up-to-date. Third, I can help you optimise everything from environmental initiatives to processing returns through reports based on carefully selected KPIs. I can take care of one or more work tasks, easing the load on your shoulders. Depending on what you want, I can:
  • Book shipments and print labels
  • Consolidate all transport agreements and prices for each shipment
  • Plan a great many loading procedures in detail
  • Pin down times or arrange escorts for special shipments
  • Help you process complaints if something should go wrong

It’s simple to do things right

Hi there! Vicky here, keeping an eye on customs. I’ll be your virtual customs clerk, checking and correcting your import declarations so you always declare the right customs value and rates. It’s all about working steadily and being fully familiar with the different countries’ laws, free trade agreements and HS codes. With my constantly updated knowledge about the prevailing rules and regulations, I can guarantee that the right information will appear in the right boxes – with robotised precision! I make sure that the following are done correctly:
  • Checking all information on import declarations
  • Feasibility analysis of the stated values in all declarations
  • Returns in the event of non-conformance or if a previously unexploited opportunity arises through a free trade agreement
  • Submission to the Customs Authorities – followed by the “all clear” for you.
  • Follow-up and improvement of the process with KPIs for you.

Hit all the right notes. Every time.

Hi! My name is Victor and I’m your virtual purchasing assistant. Briefly put, I make sure that purchase orders and order confirmations always end up in the right places. I see every non-conformance, send reminders to your suppliers and alert you. I also supply you with reports on their actual delivery capacity. Without ever taking a break. Just imagine how many people will be happy:
  • The purchasers can focus on dealing with problems instead of wasting time looking for them.
  • The warehouse staff know when things will be arriving, so they can plan their work schedules.
  • The finance department will have fewer credit notes and fewer extra invoices to deal with.
  • The production department and material planners will be delighted that the times in the business system are accurate.
  • The strategic purchasers will have a stronger negotiation position thanks to cold, hard facts about the incoming deliveries.
  • And the suppliers will have less administration, accurate information and a high opinion of you.

Didn’t see it coming? Sure?

I’m Vera, your virtual inbound coordinator. I make sure that your suppliers send what you need via reliable carriers, at the right time and at the agreed price. I help you with everything from putting together a complaint and making sure it goes all the way, to reporting everything that’s important to know about emissions and delivery accuracy. There’s nothing but benefits for you:
  • You get the most out of the best and gain better control of the suppliers that are more difficult to deal with.
  • You know precisely when the goods will be arriving, so you can plan unloading and production
  • You receive information if anything should happen en route – and about how we’re dealing with it.
  • You know that every line on the invoice will be checked against the agreement to make sure you pay the right price.
  • You receive notifications of any non-conformances, as well as reports on emissions and KPIs.

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