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What’s happening with my incoming deliveries?

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Incoming deliveries are my biggest headache. When will they arrive? What will they contain? Have I planned sufficient staff to receive them? If it isn’t the production division crying out for materials, it is the sales department being hounded by a customer. How can I know which shipment contains precisely that specific gadget?

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A precondition for ensuring you receive the right products at the right time is having the supplier confirm the order on time (with the correct items, quantities, prices and delivery date). This means you must always check the order confirmation and make sure the supplier informs you of any delays as soon as they arise. Once the products have been collected from the supplier, it is the carrier who is responsible for passing on information about possible delays. This information is normally only available to the person who booked the transport, but as the customer, you can ask your supplier for an email notification that allows you to track the transport yourself. In many cases, the supplier can insert your order number in the notification so you know precisely which products are included in the transport. You can then check what is happening, even if you have to do so manually. If the transport is taking place under your transport agreement, you can have your suppliers make bookings in your TA system so that you can see what is happening with all your shipments. With a competent system, you can also set up non-conformance management so that you receive notification if anything goes wrong. This means there’s no need to worry about the things that are going according to plan so you can focus on the non-conformances instead. Just remember that everything depends on how good the carrier is at reporting transport information, and take this into account when purchasing transport services.

Our solution

The Purchase service from vChain eliminates the need to check order confirmations manually, as you can simply set the system up to send you an email if orders are not confirmed within the agreed time, or if any changes are made to items, quantities, prices, etc. You can also generate statistics for each individual supplier to highlight aspects such as how often they have confirmed on time and how often they have made changes.

If you have your own transport contracts, you can use our Inbound solution, where suppliers book transports via your transport agreements, while you can see the transport costs and everything that happens in the context of the transport: whether it has been collected in time and if any part of the shipment is delayed, for example. You can also set the non-conformance management function up to notify you immediately if anything does not go according to plan.



Automate your purchasing process. Pick up on non-conformances and visualise the accuracy of each supplier. Why spend time and money tracking down errors? You can now assure quality directly – on the basis of razor-sharp data.

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Take control of your incoming and outgoing deliveries. Optimise flows to ensure efficient production and accurate deliveries to customers. We supply the tools you need to automate your transport bookings and the factual basis required to follow up on them.

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