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We spend too much time tracking deliveries to customers

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All these calls about where the deliveries are right now! How can we answer all the questions in detail? When the carrier has picked up the goods, he’s the one who knows where they are at any time, right? Of course we want to help our customers enjoy a better experience, but it’s tough when we don’t have any information.

Let us help you

The best approach is to send your customers an email with a tracking link, in exactly the same way as when you buy something via the internet. This solution works just as well in B2B contexts as in B2C. They can then check what is happening with the transport for themselves, without contacting you. This saves both them and you a lot of time. Most TA/TMS systems offer this functionality. If you can define the content of the email yourself, you can also use it to communicate other content to your customers, because people generally still read emails. This provides an excellent opportunity to pass on information about campaigns, special offers and different opening hours during the holidays.

With a more advanced system, you can also set the parameters up to ensure you are notified if anything happens to the transport. You can then proactively contact your customer with the information that the shipment will be delayed, and perhaps suggest an express delivery solution or similar.

Our solution

vChain features support for sending notification emails so that goods recipients can track shipments themselves. Many customers have even created their own emails featuring their own design, their own content and special offers. We recommend that you work smart and let the system identify non-conformances so you can focus on dealing with them and providing superior customer service. If you would like our Control Tower to help you deal with acute bottlenecks, we are happy to oblige.

We use a few of our services here – and you can read more about them below.



Take control of your incoming and outgoing deliveries. Optimise flows to ensure efficient production and accurate deliveries to customers. We supply the tools you need to automate your transport bookings and the factual basis required to follow up on them.

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Is an incoming delivery delayed? Or are you at risk of missing an important ETA for a customer? Use our intelligent application for non-conformance management to implement measures proactively on even the tiniest deviation.

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Control tower

Need a little help and support to keep everything flowing smoothly in your working day? Then commission on our Control Tower; we’ll step into your shoes and handle your tasks so you can focus on your core business instead.

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