The case of the eternal delivery monitoring

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Our three biggest challenges are delivery monitoring, delivery monitoring and delivery monitoring. First of all, we barely have time to do it – which is perhaps our biggest problem – but when we do manage it, it usually involves us chasing after our suppliers for confirmations. And then we have a group of suppliers who are highly skilled, but they chase us up instead, insisting that we integrate our order flow, which is something we know nothing about.

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Delivery monitoring and ensuring access to material constitute an important task for all the roles involved in the supply chain. Not only is this information incredibly important in ensuring that the production division has access to the material it needs, but it is often extremely time-consuming. It is far from uncommon for the purchaser responsible to have to contact the supplier once or even twice more to chase down a confirmation or simply to check the current status of a specific order or line. In fact, it is quite usual for purchasers to have to devote several hours a day to nothing but delivery monitoring. Working with supplier development and establishing well-functioning routines with your suppliers can help facilitate the work of your purchasing organisation and your supplier; everyone knows what to do if something doesn’t go according to plan and there is a risk of disruption to production. So setting up straightforward procedures and communicating according to them can make a big difference in a customer/supplier relationship, and this is something that should not be underestimated. Regular alignment meetings every three or six months, where you can discuss your working relationship and target image openly, are a good way to raise the quality of your shared work even higher.

Our solution

In many cases, you have a gut feeling as to whether a supplier is good or less reliable when it comes to delivery accuracy and how smoothly the everyday purchasing work runs. Imagine not having to “chase down” suppliers – often completely unnecessarily – simply because you need some information, even if everything is going according to plan. You would be able to eliminate all that time, which often amounts to several hours of work every day, if you only receive notification when there is actually some kind of non-conformance that requires your undivided attention. Our Purchase service gives you full control of your purchase orders. Not confirmed yet? No problem. The service takes care of sending a reminder to the supplier. Missing a specific line from your order? Back order? Again, no problem. We keep an eye on it. Ready for collection by the carrier? Not a problem. We keep track of when it is actually loaded and then track it all the way to you.

Of course, it is important not to forget the crucial follow-up. Following up tactically as well as strategically is gradually taking on new significance. In fact the “Pure and simple truth” about your supplier’s performance is only a click away. Rather than having to rely entirely on your gut feeling, you can use our Purchase service to maintain tight control of any non-conformances in your daily purchasing work, as well as to exploit the opportunity to establish once and for all how good your supplier really is. All this information is sure to prove extremely useful during your next quarterly alignment meeting – or during your next negotiations, for that matter. Good luck!



Automate your purchasing process. Pick up on non-conformances and visualise the accuracy of each supplier. Why spend time and money tracking down errors? You can now assure quality directly – on the basis of razor-sharp data.

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Take control of your incoming and outgoing deliveries. Optimise flows to ensure efficient production and accurate deliveries to customers. We supply the tools you need to automate your transport bookings and the factual basis required to follow up on them.

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