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Just thinking about customs issues makes my stomach churn

Customs manager …? Well, it’s pretty much down to me because no-one else wanted, or was able, to take it on. I usually work with other things, but I take care of this too – to the best of my ability. But I’m often worried deep down that we’re not doing it absolutely right. Because how can I keep track of all the HS codes on our products and trade agreements to all the countries we sell to?

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Customs duties, statistics numbers, HS codes, anti-dumping regulations, import VAT … There are all kinds of concepts that are largely impenetrable to anyone who isn’t fully familiar with imports, exports and the different customs regulations that apply. In addition, it is still common to deal with customs issues manually, making it a highly time-consuming process.
Demands for reporting, delivery terms and compiling VAT reports are just some of the tasks a company active in the field of imports and exports has to be able to deal with. In the vast majority of cases, the company has a customs agent to take care of this area; alternatively, companies have their carriers deal not only with the actual transport (collection), but also with the entire import procedure. This is often the easy option for most enterprises, because it just has to work.
However, it is important to remember that as an importer or exporter, you hold ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the documentation is correct and contains all the information required if the shipment is not to be held up in customs – which happens more than occasionally. In such cases, the customs authorities impound the goods and request supplementary documentation in the form of a clarification regarding the goods: their value or origin, for example. And if you use the wrong statistical number, this can result in the wrong value being reported. This in turn can lead to sanctions and an injunction, even though you think you have done everything correctly.

Our solution

Having a clear procedure and, in particular, firmly founded knowledge about everything to do with the customs issues regarding imports and exports – as well as how to deal with them – are critical success factors for ensuring high quality and eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy and drawn-out processes. We provide effective and, to a large extent, completely digital customs processing for both imports and exports. We double-check all documents and help to rectify any errors. And in the unlikely event that the goods may be held up in customs for one reason or another, we register the situation, contact the local customs authorities and request any other documentation that may be required. We then compile a non-conformance report and update procedures concerning specific goods or shipments to assure a secure and efficient delivery.



Automate the processing and management of your import and export declarations. You can be sure that the customs tariffs are correct, and there is no need to worry about increased costs or penalty charges if someone makes a mistake.

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Control tower

Need a little help and support to keep everything flowing smoothly in your working day? Then commission on our Control Tower; we’ll step into your shoes and handle your tasks so you can focus on your core business instead.

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