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It just doesn’t feel right to leave transport out of our sustainability report ...

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It’s time to prepare our sustainability report, and we really ought to include transport as one of the parameters we report, considering how much impact this has on our business. But on account of a lack of reliable data and our inexperience with the area, we feel really unsure of what to do, so we’ve simply left it out so far.

Let us help you

There are many different ways to approach following up on sustainability. Well-developed procedures and clear structures for following up – and reporting on – different measurement values have been developed in many areas. In other areas, however, it is still not obvious what form the procedure should take, let alone how the report should be prepared and submitted, or which standard it should follow. While it is common knowledge that transports account for a large part of the environmental impact that affects our surroundings, transport purchasers are less aware of how to follow up on this environmental impact.

In most cases, the carriers you engage can provide you with different types of environmental reports, but you need to be able to harmonise and compare these reports, and this is often a comprehensive and highly complex task. Standards do exist for how to follow up on the environmental impact caused by transports, where the European standard EN 16258 is the most commonly used.

Our solution

Our Emissions service is the solution you need for following up, and it provides you with a simple and straightforward image of the environmental impact your company generates – easily accessible through a few clicks. The service allows you to generate your own reports and analyse your environmental impact in greater detail. We set up what are known as “Allocations” where we match your relations and means of transport, and then have the service calculate your emissions using the European EN 16258 standard. If you then link the Emissions service to Transport, you can access emission data in real time for all the transports you book.



Our emission calculation module provides you with a complete picture of your emissions at shipment level, so you can follow up, take action and report. Accept your responsibility and start measuring your emissions today – so you can start working on them tomorrow.

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Take control of your incoming and outgoing deliveries. Optimise flows to ensure efficient production and accurate deliveries to customers. We supply the tools you need to automate your transport bookings and the factual basis required to follow up on them.

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