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How can I choose a carrier that performs well from the perspective of sustainability?

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We’re being encouraged to book more sustainable transports, and we would love to do so, as it feels like the right thing to do. But how can we know which option is best? Today, we choose the transport solution based primarily on price, although lead times are naturally important when things have to move fast. But how can we compare carriers on the basis of sustainability? And who can say whether they calculate their emissions the same way?

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In order to be able to compare different transport options from the perspective of sustainability, you need to calculate emissions in the same way for all the different options – comparing apples with apples, in other words. Some carriers provide emission reports today, but as emissions are often calculated in different ways, it is extremely difficult to make worthwhile comparisons between them. On the other hand, it is relatively simple to identify trends in your emissions if you compare different periods with the same carrier, e.g. if you compare figures for 2019 and 2018.

In order to use sustainability as a parameter in choosing between different carriers, you need to be able to calculate emissions using the same method. There are solutions available for this approach, but a fair amount of work is required to prepare the master data before they can be used to run calculations.

Our solution

Through the vChain Globl Emissions service we can calculate your emissions for all types of transport. It does require some setting-up, but we have already done this more than a few times and we’ll be happy to help you. Once the system has been set up, you can also calculate emissions for transports that have already been completed, which means you can calculate emissions for previous years, for instance.



Our emission calculation module provides you with a complete picture of your emissions at shipment level, so you can follow up, take action and report. Accept your responsibility and start measuring your emissions today – so you can start working on them tomorrow.

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