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Getting lost in the transport agreement jungle

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I work with all our agreements with our suppliers – including our carriers, and this is where I get a bit lost. After all, I’m a specialist in electronics, not fuel supplements, MAUT, demurrage or whatever else it’s called. So every year when I check over our transport agreements, it feels like I’m in over my head and I just get lost straight away.

Let us help you

The transport sector has its own special way of working and its own accepted procedures, just like any other industry. In many cases, it is not immediately clear why something that has worked fine up to now suddenly stopped working, or why prices have increased or other costs have been added. The transport industry is extremely competitive, and many people find it a bit “crazy” and difficult to get to grips with. There are several simple ways to take better control of agreements, invoices and everything else you need to familiarise yourself with when working with carriers. Call on your contact at the carrier – often your sales rep – and ask him/her questions. They are used to explaining things and making tricky concepts easier to understand. You can also look to external assistance in the form of consultants who can help with purchases and one-time assignments. These consultants often take their payment in the form of a proportion of whatever savings you may make. Best of all, of course, is to acquire this knowledge for yourself, make sure it remains in your company and set up clear routines. This approach should not be underestimated.

Our solution

Through our Agreements service, we establish clear routines for all aspects of administration linked to your carriers, and make sure that the procedures work as intended. Quite simply, full control. We assure competitive market conditions for you by comparing prices and terms and conditions from the different carriers, which we then match against your priorities. No matter whether you are most interested in the price, quality or lead times, we ensure you make the right choice all down the line. We take care of the ongoing processing of agreements, prices and annual purchases. And if you wish, we can even act as your own transport division via our Control Tower, where we also check and consolidate al your transport invoices. We become your extended arm, and you get help with everything that has anything to do with your transports.



Take control of your incoming and outgoing deliveries. Optimise flows to ensure efficient production and accurate deliveries to customers. We supply the tools you need to automate your transport bookings and the factual basis required to follow up on them.

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Control tower

Need a little help and support to keep everything flowing smoothly in your working day? Then commission on our Control Tower; we’ll step into your shoes and handle your tasks so you can focus on your core business instead.

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Invoice control

What is MAUT? And what’s demurrage? Do you feel you’re getting lost in the jungle of transport invoices? Or are you simply unable to keep track of them? Let us handle the work of identifying non-conformances so you can sort them out. You can also let us do that work, too.

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