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Do you really need a degree in logistics to check a transport invoice?

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First of all, I have no idea what the transport ought to cost. There are so many supplements and exceptions, and then they vary from one carrier to the next. Today, I check that the invoices are for roughly the same amount as last month, and that none of the transports is ridiculously expensive, but I’m aware that you should actually take a closer look at all the lines an invoice contains.

Let us help you

The fun thing about starting to check invoices is that this often produces rapid results. However, it does require that you work systematically, and that you know what your transport contract actually contains. Briefly put, you should do the following:

  • Check the terms and conditions of your freight agreements
  • Calculate what the freight should cost – so you have something to compare the invoice with when it arrives
  • Identify and analyse the non-conformances you find in the invoice
  • Deal with the source(s) of the non-conformances; it is often in the processing itself, but sometimes it’s with the carrier

Our solution

By entering your contracts just once, we can automatically check transport costs for every transport you have booked. We then have a basis for comparison when we receive an electronic invoice from a particular carrier. It is subsequently relatively simple for our Invoice Control module to pick up on any non-conformances. What is really interesting is to analyse the causes of the non-conformances, and this is something we generally do together with you the first few times. You know your business and we know pricing, so together we can find the causes of the non-conformances and work out how to deal with them.


Invoice control

What is MAUT? And what’s demurrage? Do you feel you’re getting lost in the jungle of transport invoices? Or are you simply unable to keep track of them? Let us handle the work of identifying non-conformances so you can sort them out. You can also let us do that work, too.

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