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Complaining about a transport – is it even worth the effort?

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Our products are of the slightly more fragile type. Even though we try to pack them as carefully as we can, you can generally bet that something or other will end up broken. So what do I spend my days doing? Dealing with one complaint after another. And the complaints process seems to be designed to drain your energy as you work through it … then you have to chase and follow up every little task to be sure that it’s being dealt with.

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Complaints are often viewed as time-consuming – and sometimes even a complete waste of time – but you have to work through them if you want any chance at all of receiving compensation for damage. You have to make a note on the shipping documents, take photos and examine the damage, and then you have to inform the driver as well. After that, you have to send the complaint to the carrier together with a complete set of documentation – often within seven days of having discovered the damage. Once you have finished all that, the actual processing of your task starts in the order the complaints were received, it is not uncommon for it to take quite a while before your complaint is approved. If your complaint is approved, the carrier pays you compensation which does not always match the value of the goods or the claim made in relation to the damage. This is because the compensation paid is often defined by national and/or international regulations, where compensation is paid per kilogram without taking into account the value of the goods. One tip if you are transporting valuable goods is to take out a separate insurance policy with the carrier in question, or to refer to the company’s goods insurance policy if they have one.

Our solution

For users of our Control Tower service, we take care of the entire process. It starts with preparing an unambiguous procedure stating what documentation is needed and what has to be done directly on site. We then help by taking full responsibility for running these often protracted processes involving the carrier and the insurance company, and can naturally answer any questions you may have concerning complaints and insurance policies. Once the complaint has been approved – we hope! – by the carrier, we file all the documentation and then accept any compensation from them before paying it out to you without unnecessary delay. So if you’re looking for a fast, reliable and efficient way to handle complaints, our Globl Control Tower service is the perfect choice.


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Need a little help and support to keep everything flowing smoothly in your working day? Then commission on our Control Tower; we’ll step into your shoes and handle your tasks so you can focus on your core business instead.

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