vChain for the whole industry going forward

Always one step ahead. Always in control.

We originally founded vChain because we wanted to give you, the customer, a reliable overview of your entire supply chain. From the order to the subcontractor, through the relevant production process and all the way to delivery of the finished product to your customer. We knew that we could optimise every link of the chain, no matter whether it had to do with purchasing, transport or export. We at vChain are not just crazy about digital solutions – we’re passionate about invaluable practical knowledge from inside the industry itself. We work hard, fast and proactively. And we think constantly about the next step in development.

We’re already wondering how we can modernise and improve things for you in the future. The advantage is that we know our changeable sector inside and out, and we’re well aware of where it’s heading. It is a question of understanding both the benefits and drawbacks if you are to deliver personal control tower services and smart digital systems. That is why we never call a halt or take a break. Because a rolling stone gathers no moss. We’re here to help you stay one step ahead and in full control.


You will find us in Malmö, Miami and Zaporizjzja

Malmö, SE

Malmö is one oft the most international cities in the world with a population numbering fully 186 nationalities.

Miami, US

Miami is the biggest harbour in the world for cruise ships, and one of the biggest in the United States for cargo.

Zaporizjzja, UA

Zaporizjzja is a stronghold of the Ukrainian transport industry – and for the legendary Cossacks.

Competence and involvement

Our employees secure your future

We have a staff of experts with in-depth knowledge of everything from import tax and transports to data and documents. As a result, we can help you benefit from digitalisation and smart systems, making the very most of your new set-up. We are proud to present the team who can help you become something of a pioneer in the industry.

Financial Assistant

Felix Schill

Supply Chain Coordinator

Anastasiya Shapar

A network of specialists

Our partners are yours

It is also important that you can surround yourself with highly knowledgeable people. Here are a few of our closest friends: